Silvia was the perfect agent for us…

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“Silvia was the perfect agent for us. We highly recommend working with her, and we praise her services as a top-notch realtor in greater Los Angeles. Silvia is the ultimate expert when it comes to the nit- ty-gritty of home buying; as a local, she is also knowledgeable about the different areas and neighborhoods in LA. She is a great negotiator and a well-rounded and experienced agent, which allows her to work with a wide variety of buyers, sellers, and properties.


Silvia truly cared about our satisfaction, and most importantly guided us toward the type of property that represents a good investment inthe current market. As first time buyers, we were confused about thehome buying process, including lending, handling multiple offers, and other technicalities. She made time to answer all of our questions with extreme patience. After we started working with her, we managed to buy our dream home in Pasadena in less than 3 months including in-spections and negotiations. She even helped us find a contractor fora remodeling job, which turned out to be crucial to fully express the potential of our property. We couldn’t be happier.


What to expect when working with her: Silvia is an excellent communicator, and is available by phone and email day and night, 7 days a week. She was on top of every aspect, and skillfully handled complex situations such as delays from our bank and unexpected counteroffers. Each of these aspects proved crucial in buying our home; it was really Silvia’s prompt and detail-oriented approach that made it possible.


In summary, Silvia will have your interests at heart from the beginning, and will be the ultimate asset to have in your corner. She will allow youto find your dream home in a timely manner. For first time buyers: shewill take the time to answer your questions, no matter how naïve they are. Thank you Silvia!”

Extremely professional and intuitive…

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“First of all it is with great honor that I take this platform to writeabout my experience with Silvia. Extremely professional and intuitive. Listened carefully what my life changes were and found me the ex- act home for my current needs. It was no surprise that she was well equipped with strong negotiating skills, having been born and raised in a family dedicated to the Real Estate business. I have bought and sold many houses in my life time and never before encountered such a level of excellence.


The experience at each phase was effortless, on my part. Silvia took charge and communicated every step of the way. Her responsiveness was immediate. I liked that very much. Silvia accomplished all tasks with a noticeable degree of competence, integrity and grace. We closed escrow in 15 days!


For these reasons it is with pleasure and gratitude that I share my com- ments and experience with Silvia in the listing and sale of homes.”

I have absolutely loved working with Silvia!

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“I have absolutely loved working with Silvia! She has been so helpful, honest and upfront. Everything has gone so smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience. Silvia is the way to go!!”

Silvia is so personable and amazing to work with…

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“Silvia is so personable and amazing to work with. Her responsiveness is top-notch. I never felt pressured to reach a decision. Silvia took the time to research and substantiate her recommendations with facts. She always acted in favor of my interests to the point of actually saving me10K for the house I finally bought. I would recommend Silvia withoutany second thought to prospective buyers and can guarantee a similar experience that I had with her.”

Silvia is the #1 Agent…

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“Silvia is the #1 Agent. Her hard work speaks for itself.” 

Highest Resale Price in over 10 Years!

Mr & Mrs Chen   page1image61526080 page1image61526080 page1image61526080 page1image61526080 page1image61526080

“I don’t know how she did it. Highest Resale Price in over 10 Years!”

We hired Silvia & she sold it in 5 days…

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“We tried to sell our home for months w/another Realtor, but we had no luck. Then we hired Silvia & she sold it in 5 days w/ multiple offers $31,000 over our original asking price!!”